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100 Kenley Drive, Brooks, GA 30205 Listed By Morgan VanZile Brokered by Dwelli | 833.839.3554 The potential is endless for aviation enthusiasts!  Live a life of freedom in Georgia with ownership of this fly in property. Located at GA61, Kenley Field Airport, in Brooks, GA, this residential lot in Kenley Park, is located on a […]

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Spacious Fly-In Property south of Atlanta with 60’x 70′ Hangar.
Aviation Enthusiasts and aspiring pilots: Do not miss the opportunity to become a runway real estate owner in this exclusive fly-in community only 40 minutes south of Atlanta (KATL).

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Live a life of freedom with access to this private paved runway.  

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Have you dreamed of sharing your back yard with your airplane and having the freedom of flying from your backyard?!  Did you know that Georgia is home to dozens of fly in communities? Or, have you already lived the dream and now you're ready to sell?  

It's most important to understand both the scarcity and uniqueness of aviation properties and the critical role it plays in preserving value and legacy to the general aviation community. As a pilot and real estate agent, I understand this and advocate for our community. 

I am connected to a vast amount of both commercial AND general aviation enthusiasts looking to buy or sell aviation real estate. Through my knowledge, experience, and this network, I can make your dreams a reality! 

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  • Preparation of the property through patience or promptness, whichever your situation requires
  • Pricing strategically with a thorough understanding of the market and your goals as the top priority
  • Marketing directly to pilots and aspiring pilots through social media and my personal networks
  • Managing all aspects of the process as I would in the flight deck, always staying "ahead of the plane."
  • Always keeping you in the loop through clear and concise communication

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